Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboard Paint also known as Dry Erase Paint is an unique Eco-friendly Paint that can transform any walls, hallways, offices, dorm rooms, or even student’s desk into a writing surface. Manufactured by Candy Paint Asia in Malaysia and distributed around Asia with pride and confidence.

As the first in Asia to provide non-oil based and formaldehyde-free paint your health will be no longer at risk. Candy Whiteboard Paint will bring out your brilliant ideas and you will no longer be limited by the size of regular whiteboard. It will also definitely save you the cost and trouble of drilling holes on the wall to hang those heavy whiteboards. Also not to mention that you are doing the environment a huge favor by shedding off the amount of carbon dioxide produced from conventional whiteboard manufacturing.

Application Guide


  • Place the pre-taped film or several layers of old newspaper on the floor
  • Tape off edges with low adhesion masking tape
  • Repair rough surface by sanding using sand paper or sand-pad
  • Clean dirty areas and remove dust with a clean dry cloth
  • Prime the wall / subtract if needed
  • Prepare the Whiteboard Paint in amount sufficient for the area

NOTE : If ever you are applying on large surface, DO NOT pour too much paint at one time on the tray as it will dry in 50 mins.


  • Apply Candy Whiteboard Paint to surface
  • One thin 1st coat at 4 mils to 5 mils.
  • Saturate the roller and apply liberally
  • For best result, work vertically from one side of the surface to the other in 1 meter increments
  • Pay attention while painting and remove any debris as you go and make repairs immediately.

NOTE : DO NOT put too much paint on the roller as it may create dripping effect on the painted area. If there is dripping effect after it is semi-dried, you can use a small fiber paint brush or existing roller slightly even out.


  • Wait for 2 hours to touch dry and then apply the 2nd coat of the Candy Whiteboard Paint to the surface
  • One thin coat at 4 mils to 5 mils.
  • Saturate the roller and apply liberally


  • Once completed the 2nd coat, please dispose the paint rollers, bucket, tray, gloves, plastic sheet, newspaper to designated places.
  • You may turn on a fan at low speed to speed up the dryness of paint but do not blow directly to the painted area
  • 4 days cure time when painted in area temperature of 25°C or above.

NOTE: DO NOT pour the paint to the drainage as it may cause congestion

Maintenance Guide


WRITING: Every marker is different from the shape to it’s ink. To provide you with the best Whiteboard surface experience we perform a series of tests on every Whiteboard marker available in Asia and USA. As for result we highly recommend the Refillable Markers www.refillablemarker.com by E-Stationery Supplies, Pilot Vboard Marker. Otherwise test the erasability of the marker of your choice in a small area before taking the plunge. Low odor dry erase markers are also highly recommended for use in daycares and schools. Low odor markers may not erase as easily as regular “high odor” markers and may “ghost” more but the odor reduction is quite significant.

DO NOT use cloth type abrasive erasers, or rags, chalkboard eraser, wet eraser, and permanent Marker.

ERASING: To remove dry erase marker from the painted subtract, use either a microfiber cleaning cloth (wash cloths regularly and replace when no longer soft), dry erase board foam eraser and 3M whiteboard foam. To prevent marker buildup on your whiteboard surfaces, occasionally clean with whiteboard cleaner.

Erasing Permanent marker pen :

  1. Dip the Candy Whiteboard Eraser or 3M Whiteboard Eraser with some water and rub to the area with permanent marker. In case it is a stubborn stain, you can apply a little bit thinner on a white cloth (or thick hand tissue paper) and wipe it out. Candy Whiteboard Paint (Dry Erase Paint) is resistant on any kind of solvent.
  2. Use the non-alcohol Whiteboard Cleanser from E-Stationery Supplies



Q : How many sqm / sq ft does Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint cover?

A : Candy Whiteboard Paint are come in 5 sqm, 10 sqm and 30 sqm. Our partners can also packed based on client requirement to avoid paint residue and gain lowest possible cost. ‘Stretching' or trying to cover a larger area than advised will effect performance.

Q : How many coats do I need to put on ?

A : Two very thin coats are required. Certain surfaces such as new plaster or porous surfaces require water based primer, see application guide for more details.

Q : Do I need any special roller ?

A : Yes, use the special roller sleeve provided in each kit (mohair paint roller).

Note : FREE paint tools will be given depend on the country's partner

Q : Can I re-use the roller and paint trays ?

A : Please use new set of roller and paint tray for each coat. You CANNOT re-use the roller and paint tray after each coat.

Q : How do I prepare the surface ?

A : For most walls, simply smooth down the surface with the sanding pad included and tape off the edges of the area you wish to paint. For uneven or porous surfaces, a filler and a primer are need to be applied prior to application. For low quality paint that painted on existing wall, we recommend to remove it and apply a water based primer before applying the Candy whiteboard paint.

Q : How smooth does the surface need to be ?

A : Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint performs best on a smooth surface. If the wall has a very textured or porous finish we recommend : • filling with ordinary decorators filler. • sand smooth with the included sandpaper pad. • apply water based primer as required to seal the surface. • then apply Candy Whiteboard Paint

Q : Do I need to apply a primer ?

A : For Candy Whiteboard Paint works best on a non-porous subtract base. Primer is therefore required when :

• painting drywall or plasterboard (2 coats)

• painting a porous surface or existing low quality paint (1 coat)

• changing the colour of a surface (particularly when changing from a dark coloured surface) (1-2 coats as required)

• applying over a surface with an unknown coating (1 coat) Primer is not required when applying to a white non-porous surface, such as:

• a sound condition wall without powdery sealer underneath

• an already primed wall

• an existing whiteboard (need to sand a bit to make the surface a bit rough)

• painting a new wood or composite material (2 coats clear primer)

• painting new concrete or porous material (2 coats clear primer)

• painting over porous surfaces such as wallpaper or plasterboard (1 coat clear primer) If using a primer, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions. When dry, wipe with a clean cloth.

Q : Can I use Magnetic Paint with Candy Whiteboard Paint ?

A : Yes, if using Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint White on top of magnetic paint. The quality of the magnetic surface will depend on the quality of the magnetic paint. We recommend Candy Magnetic Paint with 3 coats

Q : Can I paint over Candy Magnetic Paint ?

A : Yes. If your magnetic surface is a good quality then directly applying Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint will be fine. If the surface is a color other than the color you want, you need to apply a colored water based primer or emulsion paint prior to applying Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint.

Q : Can I use part of the paint ?

A : Once pour on the tray or mixed the product, you have only 60 mins to use. However if you have not mixed it, or pour out from the pouch, you can keep it for 90 days provided that is no air inside the pouch. Consult Candy Paint Asia local partner for more information or email ask@candypaintasia.com

Q: Does Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint have a strong smell when applied?

A : No, our unique whiteboard paint is 100% volume solids which means its produces very little odor, however we recommend opening a window or a door to allow fresh air to circulate. Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint can be applied in an occupied office or home.

Q: How soon can I use my Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint ?

A : Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint is touch dry after 2 hours and can be used 4~5 Days after application, with temperature over 25C

Q: Can Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint be applied using a paint sprayer?

A: Yes, Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint can be used with a HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayer.


Q : Are there different colors?

A : Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint is available in a White finish, Clear finish and Custom Color based on NCS color chart. Please consult Candy Paint local partner for the color you want.

Q : Are there different sizes ?

A : Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint is available in 5 sqm, 10 sqm retail kits and 30 sqm contractor kit. We supply custom size for projects, please consult Candy Paint Asia local partners in your city or ask@candypaintasia.com


Q : Can it be applied on any surface?

A : Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint can be applied to any smooth surface - on a wall or surfaces such as tables etc. You can also paint over a coloured surface. Other surfaces like glossy paint will soak up our paint and causes a problem so please paint over it with a primer first. Consult our local partner or ask@candypaintasia.com for any subtract that we have not mentioned.

Q : Can I paint onto glass ?

A : Yes, for Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint White apply a clear/white water based primer first.

Q : Can I paint onto stainless steel ?

A : Yes, for Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint White apply a clear/white water based primer first.

Q : Can I paint onto wood ?

A : Yes, ensure that the surface is smooth, fill any holes with a filler and a apply a wood primer.

Q : Can it be used outside ?

A : Certainly.

Q : Can I use it on floors ?

A : Yes, it has been test slip and dirty oil resistance.

Q : Can I use Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint to repair an existing dry erase / whiteboard?

A : Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint is an ideal dry erase repair product for most surfaces. It can be applied directly to an old whiteboard without any primers just ensure all marker / pen residue has been removed using whiteboard cleanser For Blackboards we recommend you wipe the surface down with a damp cloth to remove any old chalk, then coat the blackboard with a coat of white water based primer, then apply Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint.

Q : Can I project on to it? – Will there be a reflection?

A : Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint can be used as a projector surface by using Ultra Short Throw Projector by E-Stationery Supplies.


• Lowest VOC • Very Low Odour


• In case of contact with skin, rinse skin with warm soapy water.

• In case of contact with eyes, thoroughly rinse with clean water and seek medical advice.

• Keep out of reach of children.

• Ensure room is adequately ventilated during application and drying.

• For detailed safety information, email info@candypaintasia.com to request our MSDS.